.You might not believe it

And you can forget about the retirement home, because more than half of retirement age people don’t retire anymore they just work their whole lives, buy a machine, go into this world and live a life where they become young again, until their real body expires, totally eluding the effects of the aging process.In this world, nearly everybody is striving to accumulate wealth in order to buy one of these machines but these are very expensive machines. Brand new, they retail at 500,000$ dollars, and you may be able to buy one used for 150,000$ to 300,000$. However, most people rent time on them at a Reality  https://www.ticketstodo.com/activity/motiongate-tickets Transmitter Center, for anywhere from 50 to 100 dollars per hour.

Anyhow, so that is what the transmitters are all about, and what we do here at Yoodle is to constantly seek to improve their functioning and usability. We create all the transmitters in the world and also have them running on our network.You might not believe it but we also have a top secret transmitter that affects reality, it is called the main transmitter. If you step into this machine, with a script programmed in, whatever you experience in the machine happens in real life the moment that you experience it. This machine is very powerful and can initiate severe universal consequences, however, only one person in the world has authorization to use this machine, so it is never misused.


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