Purchasing E-liquid CBD – Things You Must Know

Vaping is one of the most popular and effective ways for you to use CBD. There are many oils available in the market for vaping. The choice of using the right one can be really confusing to the beginner. This post will give you a guide into CBD e-liquid and how you can use them correctly. However, there is a word of caution here, if you are taking any prescription medication, it is prudent to consult your doctor becoming incorporating CBD into your daily routine.

E-liquid CBD – An insight into its main ingredient, CBD

CBD is the abbreviated form for cannabidiol present in a type of cannabis plant called hemp. Cannabidiol is popular for its therapeutical properties and is widely consumed all over the world in various forms for health. The oil of CBD has several advantages and helps in the alleviation of symptoms linked to depression, anxiety, inflammation, epilepsy, and pain. CBD can be incorporated into many products like edibles, eliquid CBD vape juice, capsules, creams, and oil tinctures.

Know the difference between hemp seed and CBD oil

CBD oil should not be confused with hemp seed oils that have been traditionally used for oral tinctures. It generally has MCT oil taken from coconuts and is not suitable for inhalation. Studies have revealed that inhaling oil poses grave health risks to the person, like lipoid pneumonia.

CBD Tinctures are strictly prohibited for ingestion

Unlike vape juice, CBD tinctures are not safe for human ingestion. Unfortunately, many CBD tincture products do not warn people on their labels, and most of them are sold in bottles with droppers similar to the e-juice ones available in the market. This often confuses the buyer.

There is again another important difference between the CBD oil and the CDB oil tincture manufactured for inhalation. The CBD tinctures for oral ingestion are oil-based, but the CBD vape juice is not.

Know the contents of the label before purchase

The CBD vape juice is often called the CBD vape oil; however, in reality, it does not have oil inside it. The more appropriate name is CBD vape juice, and it is manufactured with ingredients that are food-grade in nature so that you can ingest them. However, the vape juice differs from the oil-based CBD tincture, as if you examine its ingredients, you will understand whether it is suitable for inhalation or not. For instance, if it has ingredients other than cannabinoids, VG, PG, CBD extract, and terpenes, it is not suitable for inhaling.

When you are purchasing e liquid CBD products from the market, you must check the list of ingredients on the label. Never take the risk of inhaling something you are not sure about. Note, when you are buying CBD vape juice from any credible local or online store, it will mention something on its label about vaping. Terms like “vape juice” or “e-liquid,” or “e-juice” will be mentioned on the label of any well-branded product. It will not mention anything about the actual CBD oil that is not fit for human inhalation.